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Thank you for checking out our game!   We have finally been able to implement everything that we had created, please see the updated patch notes below!

UPDATE NOTES 10/27/2022

1) "Whispers of the Great Tree" now function as checkpoints

2)  Dew collection counter added 

3) Player can now spend 10 dew to heal to max health (press "H")

4) Added a map which can be accessed by holding down "M"

5) Adjusted aerial movement when not gliding to be less restrictive

6) Increased the size/range of the player's melee attack

7) Fixed several level design elements that were frustrating or broke the game

8) Updated the UI with artwork

9) Added Wasps, a new flying enemy

10) Changed the GLIDE activation key to "G"

11) Added level design elements that allow for more backtracking and alternate routes to complete the game.

12) Added a pause menu that lists the controls and allows the player to quit the game

13) Added environmental decor

14) Various other bug fixes

DEEP SEEDED is a bite sized metroidvania concept where you take control of two Seedlings, each fighting their way to The Great Tree which has been assailed by an unknown blight.  Explore a decaying forest collecting spiritual dew, and make your way back to The Great Tree to water its dying roots.  

Team Omenblade: Jake Stafford (https://www.jscomposer.com/), KrowMagg (https://krowmagg.art/), Michael Zou(https://zoumichael.gfx.work/),  MikaboshiiGrim (https://mikaboshiigrim.bandcamp.com), and Samuel Dufour(https://sdproduction.ca)

WHISPERS OF THE GREAT TREE:  The Great Tree whispers to its seedlings though diamond-like apparitions... attack them to hear the words of The Great Tree.  They may be of use to you...


Move Left: A

Move Right: D

Jump/Double Jump: W

Look Down:  S

Attack: Space

Glide(If Unlocked): G 

Grow Platforms(If Unlocked): K (Platforms stack infinitely)

Heal: H

View Map: M

Pause: Escape


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